Grillen Out at Stout’s Pub, Discussing the Craft Beer Industry

Written by David Grilli

Interested in being involved with and hearing more about Grillen Brewing Company? Did you know that we recently had a wildly successful night talking about the Craft Beer Industry and our brewery at Stout’s Pub? If you missed out, give us a shout! We’d be happy to share a beer and discuss the industry, our plans, and how you could be a part of the brewery.


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We’re an LLC Now

Written by David Grilli

Just a quick update on our progress.  Grillen Brewing is now officially registered with the state as an L.L.C.  The process was so easy that this milestone feels somewhat underwhelming!  That said, for all intents and purposes, we’re a real business now.  Stay tuned, we’re moving this brewery forward one step at a time.

New Logo Has Landed

Written by David Grilli

After a few weeks back and forth with our artist, we’ve finally come to a decision on a logo.  This was a fun experience, especially since David enjoys the artistic process as well.  After working through a few concepts, we finally decided on a design that tried to exemplify quality, precision, and old-world family tradition.  Why the cricket?  Well, that is the family crest!  After all, the brewery is named after our family.  The original logo we received was primarily gold and black.  David took it upon himself to create a 4-color version.

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Nailing Down a Location

Written by David Grilli

We’d like to share our vision for the Grillen Brewing taproom and production brewery.  As some of you may have been aware, we were originally looking at opening the brewery in the Como Park neighborhood of St. Paul.  It’s a community that we’re a part of and familiar with, and we’ve heard a bit of interest from friends and family about the area.  Unfortunately, after working with our broker, we’ve come to the conclusion that Como Park may not have the right building to suit our needs.  Instead we’re now taking a look at the West 7th neighborhood of St. Paul!  Nearby breweries would be Summit, the new Bad Weather location, Tin Whiskers, and others.  We feel that West 7th is the up and coming area for craft beer in St. Paul.  It has been called the quintessential St. Paul boulevard, and the city’s version of Nordeast Minneapolis.

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Craft Brewers Conference – The Brewery Accelerator

Written by David Grilli

Thanks to the Brewers Association and Portland for hosting this years CBC!  I had a lot of fun out there, and met quite a few interesting people.  We’ve secured a new legal team, work on our logo is underway, and there was a lot of useful seminars to attend.  I consider myself lucky to have attended the CBC this year.  It’s by no means a cheap venture, but it was made accessible by using airline miles, hotel points, and eating all of the cheese and crackers at the hospitality events. I’ll try and describe the experiences in this post!

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The First Steps Towards Starting a Business

Written by David Grilli

We’re making the first steps towards starting our business this year.  The business plan is complete, and the financials are in order.  We’ve hired an artist to take a crack at our cartoonish logo.  David has also booked travel to visit the Craft Brewers Conference in Portland, OR.  While there, he’ll be meeting with potential legal groups for the brewery, and he expects to learn more about the industry.  There will also be beer we expect.  Stay tuned.  It’ll take some time, but things are going to start ramping up.

New Lager Recipe! Bavarain Bomb

Written by David Grilli

I’m working on a new German-American Lager recipe.  If you know your beer styles, you’ll know that’s not technically a style but it’s difficult to make something “inspired” and true to style.  I’m looking forward to this beer in particular.  My goals are to make another easy drinking recipe (similar to the Blonde Ale), but with some depth that’s not shocking to the system.  I’m looking for a balance between maltiness and the almighty hop.

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Written by David Grilli

Fall is the time of the year for beer.  We’re going to trademark that phrase if it isn’t already.  It’s actually pretty true up here in Minnesota.  Up here, we’re trying to squeeze as much fun out of the year before winter sets in.  It’s this time of year when all of the festivals and special releases occur.  There’s ABR, Darkness Day, Oktoberfest, Winterfest, to name a few.  It’s no different for Grillen either.  Fun times were had at the home-brewery this weekend as literally dozens of friends came out to celebrate.  I’m going to discuss what elements I think an Oktoberfest needs.

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