Beer. German Focused.

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What is Grillen?

Grillen Brewing Company is a craft brewery that will be coming to St. Paul.  We will focus on producing and distributing handcrafted beers with German influence.  It is our devotion to quality we hope will set us apart.

What is German Beer?

German Beer encompasses a wide variety of tasty and thirst quenchable styles of beer.  Some are great for summer, like a crisp, malty, delicately floral Bavarian Helles or a “picnic basket in a bottle” Hefeweizen.  Some are great for the cold Minnesota winters, like a robust, toffee driven Munich Dunkel.

Below are just two of the beers that we hope to showcase in our future taproom.

  • Bavarian Bomb

    • ABV: 6%
    • IBU: 17
    • OG: 1.046
    • FG: 1.011
    • Color: Pale
    • Grains: German Pilsner, Aromatic Malt
    • Yeast: German Bock Lager
    • Hops: Perle, Saphir

    This golden beer has bready and toasty flavors and will be easy to drink.  The noble hops will bring a clean bitterness, hints of lemon, and an intense aroma of summer flowers.  One taste and you’ll feel why the hills are alive with the sound of music.  

  • Munich Dunkel

    • ABV: 5%
    • IBU: 22
    • OG: 1.054
    • FG: 1.014
    • Color: 20
    • Grains: German Pilsner, Dark Munich, Caramunich
    • Yeast: German Bock Lager
    • Hops: Mittelfrueh, Tettnanger

    Dunkel is German for “dark”. This easy-drinking beer combines complex caramel notes and barley malt with traditional spicy noble German hops for a dry and exciting finish. Best served in an earthen clay stein, this beer will transport you to the Ratskellers of Old Germany.

When Can We Drink It?

Patience.  Most of the beers we’re planning require lagering.  It takes more time to produce than the ales you’re used to.

Actually, it takes quite a lot of planning and work to bring a new business, especially a brewery to the market.  Money needs to be raised, a location needs to be secured, equipment needs to be built, and don’t forget the red tape.  You can follow our progress by visiting the startup blog.  As we have new information, we’ll make it available!

How Can We Help?

We’re coming up with a few ways to allow folks to be a part of the Grillen Brewery.  When we are closer to opening, we will have some swag available and awesome membership deals.  

Until then, we mentioned a few of our challenges above.  If you’re interested in learning about how you can help overcome one or more of those hurdles, we’d be happy to share a beer and discuss the industry and our plans.